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Size/Length 165cm
Composite Layer Fiberglass

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Shape: Powder Longboards

An epic poem, or simply an epic, is a lengthy narrative poem typically about the extraordinary deeds of extraordinary characters who, in dealings with gods or other superhuman forces, give shape to the mortal universe for their descendants. The Epics are built for superhuman ski days, allowing riders to carve their mythic stories into the mountain. bestowing the riders with mythic stories to share for all eternity.

The Epics are our big mountain powder skis for effortless float, delivering an unforgettable surfy feeling. Wide enough for those dreamy powder days, yet directional with an early rise camber profile to keep you charging in aggressively in any terrain. The Epic’s name emphasizes the ski's powerful performance and poetic inspiration, suggesting a legendary experience on the slopes.

Crafted for a solid edge-to-edge hold with an assertive camber underfoot, it delivers exceptional touring agility for traversing to the steep and deep. A progressive sidecut enables these big boards to carve elegantly.  A full carbon fibre layer gives you ultra-light precision. A straight-grain poplar creates a soulful core that is pressed with eco resins. A layer of VDS ("Vibration Dampening System'') rubber for balanced dampening and a ski ready for anything. A balanced and responsive hybrid camber creates snappy snow surfing boards ready to launch from a Heli in the Alaska Chugach Range, or two turns down the Dambuster if you must.


- 4001 Sintered Base Material
- 2x Layers of Rubber Damping Foil
- Triaxial Laminate Composite Construction
- AAA Grade Poplar Wood Core
- Titanal Binding Plate
- “I” Pattern Carbon fibre Stringers
- Carbonium Topsheet
- Super Sap Eco Epoxy

The Epic Size Chart

Length (cm) 165cm 170cm 175cm 180cm 185cm 190cm
Running Length (mm) 1246 1301 1351 1369 1419 14169
Nose Length (mm) 255 255 255 265 265 265
Tail Length (mm) 150 150 150 160 160 160
Nose Width (mm) 140 145 145 149 149 149
Tail Width (mm) 125 130 130 134 134 134
Waist Width (mm) 110 113 113 117 117 119
Sidecut Radius (mm) 17000 19000 19000 20500 20500 22000
Camber Profile Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise
Flex Pattern Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid