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Size/Length 165cm
Composite Layer Fiberglass

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Shape: All Mountain Mid Fat

A ballad is a poem of musical quality, sometimes set to music. It is narrative in nature; this means that it tells a story. This name reflects the poetic inspiration and elegance of the ski while also hinting at the balance and versatility described in its features. PoetSkis Ballad invites a rhythmic flow so you can tell your story with lyrical delight down the mountain.

The Ballad is a playful all-round ski with an undeniable powder bias. Playful and versatile, the full Tri-Axial laminate layer (Carbon Fibre or Fibreglass) is stiff enough, edge to edge, to carve fiercely on the groomed trails, yet wide and smooth enough to float over pillows. The straight-grain AAA Grade Poplar wood core and pressed eco resins create a soulful feel underfoot. A layer of VDS ("Vibration Dampening System”) rubber is added for balanced dampening, and a responsive hybrid camber creates snappy snow surfing boards that are ready for anything. They sport an elongated nose and tail with subtle early-rise camber to keep you afloat while remaining stable when you need it most. These skis are built for speed, offering a stable platform that thrives on velocity. A modest waist with symmetrical flex makes them an excellent choice as your daily driver freeride ski.


- 4001 Sintered Base Material
- 2x Layers of Rubber Damping Foil
- Triaxial Laminate Composite Construction
- AAA Grade Poplar Wood Core
- Titanal Binding Plate
- “I” Pattern Carbon fibre Stringers
- Carbonium Topsheet
- Super Sap Eco Epoxy

The Ballad Size Chart

Length (cm) 160cm 165cm 170cm 175cm 180cm 185cm 190cm
Running Length (mm) 1206 1245 1295 1141 1346 1389 1439
Nose Length (mm) 210 215 215 245 245 248 248
Tail Length (mm) 185 190 190 210 210 213 213
Nose Width (mm) 124 128 127 133 138 142 146
Tail Width (mm) 114 118 117 123 127 131 134
Waist Width (mm) 93 95 98 101 104 107 110
Sidecut Radius (mm) 14000 14000 15000 15500 16000 16500 17000
Camber Profile Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise Early Rise
Flex Pattern Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid Mid